How To Be A Modern Flapper Part 1

Most might characterize the hairstyles in the 20’s as short. However, there were so many other characteristics that made these short hairstyles a beautiful trend. Fortunately, we can bring these stunning cuts back to life.  Below are the different ways to make the old style become new again.  A flapper with some edge!

Step 1: Color Mine: Add some highlights or color to make the old trend new again. Be a new you. Whether that means a classy bob or a wild pixie! 

Step 2: Bang Bang: Bangs can 100% change a worn out look and make it feel new again. Flappers had used bangs in their day and it has yet to go out of style. Its the classic look that never fades!

Step 3: Shave: I can definitely tell you that the shaved look never caught on in the 1920’s. However,  it has made for a unique and bold look, able to transfer any woman to be more of a modern flapper.

Step 4: Girls Need Curls: Curls are such a sheik and fancy look made for anyone. They used it. We use it. Curls have never stopped being beautiful. Depending on your personality curl it tight or loose. Make it original.

Step 5: All About the Accessories: The woman in the 20’s used headbands and feathers for their hair which can still apply today,  Find a clip, a headband, or even a flower for your hair to stand out.