The Roaring 2020’s Are Here!

It’s the year 1920; the women are beautiful and fearless. Fashion was at its peak and limits were being tested. The shorter the women’s hair the more wild she would be. These rebellious women were called Flappers. In less than two years it will be the year 2020. Already the evidence of the roaring 20’s coming back is lingering. What will the rebellious women of this generation be called and what style will they bring?

100 years ago women were tired of being thought of as less than men. Technology advances during this year skyrocketed as their courage did to stand up. Women’s right to vote had just been passed and it was the perfect time to fight back. Although girls of all ages today have more rights than those before them, we have not lost our ambition to want more for ourselves. The first wind of the “defiant years” coming back has showed up in Hollywood. Movies about independent women casted with strong female actresses such as Oceans 8, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Tully, Peppermint, Red Sparrow, and so on, have taken over the industry.


Looking at the fashions to come, designers have created dresses, pantsuits, and casual outfits with elegance and glamour (hmm sounds familiar). Fashion in the 20s consisted of the same ideas with fringe and lace, cloche hats, and blazers for their new working schedule. Though the following years might not have the fringe we can definitely count on the tight dresses with glitz. The fashion in the years before was meant to get the public’s attention and rebel with the society’s standards. Fashion during these years, are saying the same thing. Women are dressing baggy, bold, sexier, or classier. We are making casual outfits more fun and complementing our personalities. We are all different in our looks and styles but beautiful in our own way.

Besides the entertainment industry, the hair industry has wasted no time to bring back the sexy and beautiful short or mid-length hair. Celebrities have started making appearances with these retro looks for years now. However, hair dressers have taken the classic look with a twist. Pixie cuts look edgier, bobs look fiercer, and above all women have become the symbol of independence and strength. Coloring hair has become very popular as well. Whether it’s natural colors with some highlights or bold colors like pink, purple, or blue you can trust that hairstyles have never been more unique. My prediction for the years to come has no limit on what women will be able to do. Fashion will be more elegant and glamorous, the hair industry nothing but short hairstyles and pixie cuts. Hollywood will continue to exhibit women of this generation. The 2020’s are here! Will you join the revolution or be stuck in the past?