How To Be A Modern Flapper Part 2:


The fashion trends of the flappers were legendary. Everything they wore was sexy, fun, and pretty. Although it’s been some time since the flappers have run the streets, that doesn’t mean we can’t create a modern version of them. Down below are all the ways you can add a bit of a flapper to your everyday look. Above all have fun with it!

Silk It Up!

One of the most popular and most comfortable materials young woman of the 20’s wore were silk. The preferred type of feel for clothes were the opposite of what it used to be, which is loose and thin! Something’s have never changed since we still love to wear out silk dresses. One minor change is back then silk was almost forbidden because of society standards, while now its just another luxury we forget we have.

Never Too Much Fringe!

Whether you were little wearing a fringe dress swirling back and forth to see the design move or just a fan of the 20’s, this continues to be a beautiful accessory to any dress. If you really want that flapper style try wearing dresses or even shirts with this type of material to bring out your inner wild side.

Tight but Loose!

Most people today go for the skin tight dress to make sure to show off all their curves. However, if you want a page right out of the 1920’s woman handbook, it would be to dress tight but loose. They would wear layered like dresses to show off their curves without showing off too much.

Pearls Are a Girls Best Friend! 

Any stylish woman knows that accessories can change a lot about an outfit. Before Marilyn Monroe’s diamonds were her best friend, pearls were all the rage. If you want that sexy classic look go for long pearls and necklaces. The longer it is the more wild you must be. 

The Shorter The Better!

The one thing that everyone can take from the roaring 20’s were the beautiful short bobs and pixie cuts. What more can give off that inner flapper like short hair! Go from long to short (shoulder length) and be noticed! 

Now that you know how to become a modern flapper there is no stopping you from taking on the fashion and hair industry. If this is something you will wear or do take a picture of it and tag our Instagram. We would love to show everyone your trendy new look!