The Roaring 2020s Have Arrived

By Dennis Bernard Campanaro

The Roaring 2020s SHORT HAIR DECADE will become much needed and a welcome breath of fresh air for our industry! The stock market is at an all time high while the overall health of the beauty industry continues to be in  a downward spiral . Long hair trends of the last two decades have reduced salon visits to a minimal while revenues decrease.  As our economy continues to recover, with unemployment numbers at all time highs, an increased demand for innovation in the beauty industry is imperative.  Even during these times, Americans will still spend a portion of their wages on hair.  Yet the professional  beauty industry is not getting its fair share of their disposable income. The Roaring 2020s Short Hair Looks will be the solution for manufacturers, distributors, salons and stylists to regain the business lost during the previous two long hair trend decades.  Barbers after years of lost business with long hair trends are now continuing the Short Hair movement that was begun a few years ago achieving prosperity with barber shops thriving and filled to capacity, while manufactures are growing their brands with new products .At Dennis Bernard Professional, we believe history may repeat itself just as the H1N1 flu virus pandemic ended in 1920 and brought about the start of the Roaring 20s. With this new era people returned to going out, celebrating and taking the time to look and feel good about themselves.

New Women Short Hair Trends that will be introduced industry wide is the solution for our business decades turnaround and prosperity.  Our industry needs to come together as one, creating  modernized SHORT HAIR LOOKS  using the Roaring 20s one hundred year celebration of that decades prosperity in fashion and beauty as a perfect marketing tool.. Promoting our Roaring 2020s SHORT HAIR LOOKS coupled with more frequent client salon visits will give professionals the opportunity to suggest and recommend new additional complimentary services as well as newly produced retail products to be manufactured for the decade and not yet found in mass market stores. A Roaring win- win for our industry !

You might be asking yourself what can manufacturers do moving forward? Promote and market models with short hair looks while creating certified Roaring 2020s professional only brands. Trade Show Promoters: Update the tired and old images and signage used over the last several years with a new Marquee featuring Roaring 2020s SHORT HAIR IMAGES and signage. Come together with the Manufacturers and headlining platform artist marketing and educating mid-length and short- short cuts with angels, wisps, waves, etc. Give the ticket buyer a reason  to attend for the new SHORT HAIR education needed. With the proliferation of on line purchasing of beauty products there needs to be a reason for industry professionals to attend and educate on the one length trim cuts are old and tired.  Magazines, digital: Through editorial and SHORT HAIR Images move our servicing in the new direction Provide step by step SHORT HAIR education and on line videos . Give the reader a reason to come back. Long hair trims are old and tired. Schools: Teach Finger-waves and pin curl education with a Roaring 2020s twist. Let the students know there is now a reason to master these techniques for the Roaring 2020s decade.   Salons, Stylist: In the beginning introduce a four-six month program taking long hair up every thirty days making middle age women look ten or more years younger. The new Roaring 2020s bread and butter customer will be converted from  a once a year trim client to a four-six times a year walking billboard. Join us in making the Roaring 2020s a decade of prosperity for all involved!

Dennis Bernard Campanaro started in the industry at the age of five in his dads Barber Shop. Over the years becoming a stylist, salon and chain owner, manufacturer and distributor with over 55 years of industry insight
and knowledge-presently consults other  industry professionals.

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